Moving some posts from this blog to another one

I’m going to be moving a bunch of posts off of this blog and onto another one. Mostly it will be the posts related to opinion or essays and the like. Will leave the photos and those posts with comments etc here, though I may copy them to the other blog as well depending on how they fit in there.


Alberta Canada Cattle branding

Photos by Darlene Froberg

The province of Alberta Canada is known as a cattle ranching area. At a ranch near the city of Medicine Hat the cattle are rounded up from the pasture and branded with a mark that identifies them with that particular ranch.



This ranch includes a small herd of goats.


The cows have been brought in from the pasture and the young ones who need to be checked and branded are separated from the mothers. They don’t look too happy about it!


A young heifer is put into a restraining device so it won’t kick the cowboys or injure itself.


The devices is rotated so the animal can be checked, given an injection against disease and branded. It only remains in this position for a few minutes before everything is completed.


The young calves are then free to rejoin the herd and go back into the pasture.


Strange inventions at the Western Development Museum Saskatoon

Story and Photos by Darlene Froberg

Many people have seen photos of the Mona Lisa or heard about the mystery
behind the novel The Da Vinci Code , but few know about Leonardo Da Vinci’s abilities as
an avid inventor. Here is such an invention.  The first  invention shown
here is a tank designed in 1487. The idea behind the tank was that it
could be used instead of elephants to break through enemy lines. It was
powered by eight men and included a turret at the top for navigation.
Unfortunately it was difficult to maneuver and contained an intentional
or unintentional design flaw in which the front and rear wheels turned
on opposite directions.



The second invention shown here is a floatation suitcase patented in
1915, only three short years after the sinking of the Titanic while
sailing in the Atlantic Ocean near the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.  The
idea behind the floatation suitcase was that it would not only provide a
floatation device if someone were to fall into the ocean, but would also
give some protection from hypothermia in the icy Atlantic waters. It was
also portable, in that it could fold up into a suitcase.


Both these inventions have been rebuilt from the original patents and
were on display at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon as a
traveling exhibit for the television series The Re-Inventors on the
History Channel. The Re-Inventors series takes old patents and rebuilds
the device according to the original specifications. Then they test them
to see if they actually work. I will leave it up to the reader’s 
imagination or research abilities to see if these two inventions
actually worked.


Public Art at the roastery Coffee House Saskatoon

Story and Photos by Darlene Froberg

I am a big fan of wall murals and coffee so this is one of my favorite
places in Saskatoon. It is located outside the Broadway Roastery Cafe,
located on five corners at  Broadway Avenue in the historical Nutana
district. Similar to Whyte Avenue in Edmonton, this area hosts the more
artistic or eclectic members of the Saskatoon population. It is always
entertaining to grab a coffee and people watch from the bench in front
of the mural on a warm sunny day. The artist’s name is on the mural but
I was unable to find any information on him.





This blogpost was uploaded from the Roastery coffee shop.

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